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Our Mission

Physical rehabilitation restores maximum function that was lost from injury or disease.


Mission Statement

We are veterinarians integrating rehabilitation with traditional medicine, sharing information to improve the quality of animals' lives.


The Purpose of the Association

To introduce, educate, develop, and nurture the practice of rehabilitation in veterinary medicine and animal care through the use of integration of various physical therapeutic disciplines. The members of this organization will strive to improve animal physical rehabilitation through clinical research and collaboration within and outside the Association. We will educate the general public and the veterinary profession in the uses and benefits of physical rehabilitation. Working closely with other rehabilitation professionals (physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, etc.), we will adopt a diagnostic approach encompassing every body system and so develop an integrative therapy plan combining the best of veterinary medicine with therapies traditionally described as alternative.


Dog on ball

Photo courtesy of Sybil Davis, DVM, CCRP, Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation, Aiken, SC

Why Join AARV?

"AARV helped me to have an outlet to discuss cases with colleagues. It helped me to have a voice in veterinary medicine."

Julia Tomlinson, BVSc(hons), MS, PhD, DACVS, CCRP, CVSMT
Twin Cities Animal Rehabilitation Clinic, Burnsville, Minnesota


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